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"Low-carb is great right?"... "Right?"

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Low Carb diet is the best!... Or is it?

Keto/Mediterranean/Low Carb/Paleo to name a few. This is a multi-million dollar industry where trends sell. There are individuals who religiously follow specific diets as if their life depends on it, gluten is the enemy, fats are evil and carbs. Don’t even get me started on Carbs. It is true that some of these diets may have supported their fat loss in some way, despite putting them at a less satisfying disadvantage for consuming the same 3 foods for 4 years straight. But hey this helped them lose 5Kg right? Let's delve into these myths and see the truth in these trends.

Truth: Any of these diets can be effective if you make them low calorie and healthy enough. These diets are a tool for creating a caloric deficit - Where you are burning more calories than you are consuming each day, this is the process of which the body loses weight. Therefore, no variation of a diet is more effective than others, just some more stupid and detrimental to the next one.

Take Low Carb, for example. Personal trainer gurus banishing any carb from your diet is about the same as lighting your toes on fire when you are cold. Yes it will do the job but it’s not exactly the smartest idea in the world. Will it keep you warm? Yes. But you are probably aren’t making the most comfortable choice when you consider the alternatives, such as grabbing a blanket or putting some socks on.

By reducing carbs in your diet, you are simply reducing your caloric intake for the day - hence, you will lose weight and body fat as a result. However, this is the same for any nutrient, be it fat or in fact the overconsumption of protein. However, the general life implications of cutting carbs will not only make you despise your life, but also make your task of losing weight even harder.

Carbohydrates break down into glucose and this is our primary energy source, to fuel your trip to the coffee machine at work, fuel your patience when your kids are launching tin foil missiles at each other or even your workouts! Therefore by limiting your primary energy source, in turn you will feel more lethargic and your performance in the gym will decrease therefore you will be unable to burn as many calories in your cardio session or lift as heavy during your weight training workouts. You will lose weight due to the caloric deficit as mentioned above, however your workouts will be in vain therefore you’re not making the optimal use of your time especially with the crazy lifestyles we all live in this age. In addition to this, the low-carb diet can cause low blood sugar levels, cramps and constipation. Not ideal.

Improvement: As generic as it sounds, opt for a balanced diet. Two main things matter when looking to achieve results in the gym, be it fat loss, muscle gain or improved performance. Calories and Protein. Three, if you're considering general health as well, which we all should be. Calories, Protein and Micronutrients.

As long as your calorie and protein total is aligned specifically with your goal, your bodyweight will change depending on whether your goal is focused on weight loss or muscle gain or both if you're new to weight training. This is a far healthier nutrition strategy and is far more sustainable in the long term. Why do you think so many people lose 6kg in 6 weeks, then put it all back on the following 2 weeks?

I hope you have taken something useful from this. If you have any Personal Training or Online Coaching enquiries, then view the contact page of my website. Thank you, and I wish you the best on your fitness journey!

Ps. Please eat carbs, thanks.

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